New Release: To Protect A Warrior

Announcing the New Release of Starflight Academy Part 3!


Starflight Academy… the tests are hard, but what’s a girl to do when her hot alien is even harder?

From the first moment Hannah Stowe laid eyes on the intoxicating Keltair male, Liam Fallow, he’s been a distraction. His kisses. His touch. It’s all she can think about. Never did she imagine that this man could be anything more than a dangerous obsession.

She certainly never thought he’d end up needing her help.

After a violent attack on the Starflight Academy, and the blame falling on Liam’s shoulders, Hannah is the only person capable of saving him. But while her heart tells her this powerful man needs her, an old friend’s life hangs on the balance of successfully completing a mission that requires her unique abilities. Is it possible for Hannah to do both, or will dividing her attentions cost one of them their lives?

And while her focus is on protecting everyone around her, she may find that she’s the one in danger.


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