New Release: Alien Invasion

Announcing the New Release of Alien Invasion: The Tourin Legacy Part 1


When great flying machines descend from the sky, my world is thrown into chaos. Who or what are these terrible metal monsters? Until today, I never imagined aliens existed. But when they begin throwing red poison into the sky–it’s obvious we need a plan. Fast.

How can I fight these creatures from space?

What I need is a warrior, and the tall, purple-eyed swordsman who saves me seems to fit the bill. He takes me up in his metal space ship and shows me things I’ve never seen before. And his kisses make me want him more each time our lips meet.

But when the hard-headed warrior tells me he’ll stop at nothing to protect me, he quickly finds I feel the same about my people.

Who will win this battle of wills? And will it be in time to save us all?


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