New Release: Alien Intercourse

Announcing the New Release of Alien Intercourse: The Tuorin Legacy Part 2

I have never been in love before. My sole focus has been to serve my people. That always seemed to be enough for me. But not anymore.

How has my life changed so much so quickly?

Juordin thawed my heart. Opened me to a kind of love I never imagined could exist. Even though he is an alien, I know that he and I were destined to be together. Yet, fate is cruel.

On the same day my heart opened to him, I failed my people. The red dust that clouds my planet promises a slow and painful death that my warrior says is inescapable.

But while logic might tell me Juordin is right, I cannot give up. I refuse to lose hope. An idea is forming in my mind. One I think can save us all. But this is one battle I cannot fight alone.


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