New Release: A Human Sacrifice

Announcing the New Release of A Human Sacrifice: The Spiritus Brides, Episode I!


Sacrificing her life should’ve meant death, but what if it was just the beginning…

The alien virus was destroying Rory’s mind more and more with each passing day. She knows what the future holds for her, unimaginable suffering followed by a slow death. So when her sister is drafted for The Star Squad, Rory volunteers to take her place. There’s no question Rory will die, but at least she’ll be sacrificing herself to save billions of innocent lives against the alien invasion. Including her sister.

But only if she can hide her debilitating illness long enough.

FarSeer is a medic aboard a ship headed for the far-away planet called Earth. His responsibility is to see to the medical needs of the new brides, even though he may never claim a mate of his own. Yet, as they approach their destination, he will discover a secret that will change everything: the Earth females aren’t willing brides.


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