New Release: A Human Patient

Announcing the New Release of A Human Patient: The Spiritus Brides, Episode II!


Sacrificing her life should’ve meant death, but what if it was just the beginning…

Rory doesn’t remember the moments leading up to crashing into the alien mother ship. All she knows is that a huge, beautiful man now treats her as if she’s the most precious thing in the world. And the virus? It seems to be gone.

She could cry with joy… or perhaps, allow herself to touch the sexy doctor whose innocence arouses her in ways she never expected. The answer seems clear.

FarSeer can’t believe how the beautiful, human female makes him feel. Every time he looks at her, he envies the male who will soon make her his bride. More than that, he wonders how she’ll feel when she learns that she isn’t in the afterlife, but has been kidnapped. And when things seem to be as complicated as they can possibly get, FarSeer realizes that their true difficulties have just begun.


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