New Release: A Human Lover

Announcing the New Release of A Human Lover: The Spiritus Brides, Episode III!


Sacrificing her life should’ve meant death, but what if it was just the beginning…

Rory has fallen madly in love with the sexy, alien doctor who cured her virus and rescued her from death. She never imagined any man would worship her the way he does. Make her feel the way he does: like something precious.

So why is he keeping his distance?

FarSeer never knew what love was and never imagined he could experience it, but the little human changed all that. If only she didn’t belong to another male. He always considered himself to be trustworthy, but now he realizes he would give anything to have her. Absolutely anything.

As they explore their feelings for each other, the atmosphere on the ship slowly descends from confusion, to chaos. If Rory and FarSeer can’t find a solution, they risk losing everything, including their lives.


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