New Release: A Game of Survival

As the clock ticks down to the alien invasion, only one group stands between Earth and total annihilation, The Star Squad Brides…

Rory thought she could save the world. But she was wrong. They were all wrong. The long-feared invasion of Earth was nothing more than a plot by desperate aliens to steal unwilling human brides. Awakening on their ship, she should be facing her enemy. Instead, she might have met the man of her dreams. Only, in this case, he’s an alien. And one of her kidnappers.

FarSeer is screwed. The galactic mission he thought he’d joined was a cover for stealing females from a primitive world. But his people have unknowingly drawn them into a world of danger, and to an enemy they’re helpless against. He swore to dedicate his life to healing. But then he meets the stunning human named Rory. In order to save her, he may have to become the killer he thought long dead.

Rory and FarSeer face a ruthless opponent. With their lives at risk and time slipping away, there can only be one winner of the human women. Will it be the men who love them – or the brutal creatures who wish to destroy them?

Join Rory and FarSeer in a five-episode space romance that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat until the very last kiss. The box set includes all five episodes: A Human Sacrifice, A Human Patient, A Human Lover, A Human Fighter, and A Human Bride.

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