New Release: Tordan, Cyborg Warriors 1-5

Tordan Announcing the New Release of Tordan, Episodes I-V of the Cyborg Warriors Series!


The Ardaks, terrifying creatures that stand seven feet tall and use laser ray technology, are sweeping across the galaxy, killing every humanoid race their wake. But in this time of destruction, there are heroes and heroines who are willing to stand up, to risk torture and even worse, to save the lives of their people…

The final plans are in place. The pieces on the board of their game of life and death are placed. Both sides are on their final vestiges of power, and the battle promises to be swift and brutal.

And the stakes? Total annihilation.

While army meets army, both Tordan and Aielle find themselves in mortal danger in covert ops behind enemy lines. Can they save each other one more time? And if they do, will they still be able to save everyone else?

***Tordan 5.0 is episode five of a sexy, action-packed, five-part serial series. If you don’t like serials, faery princesses in distress, hot Cyborgs, scorching love scenes, or scifi fantasy stories, this series is not for you!***


Get your copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!****

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