Rory and FarSeer are surrounded by the enemy. Betrayed by their allies. And monstrous aliens called Bortracks have demanded all the women, including Rory.

But as bad as things look, she’ll be damned if she gives up without a fight.

FarSeer wants nothing more than to keep his extraordinary, fragile mate safe and hidden from the dangers of the world. But danger has found them. And the only way to give them a chance of survival is to go to battle.

His enemy may think they have them beat, but the Bortracks will soon regret ever putting his mate in danger. Their blood will run. Even if it means becoming the merciless killing machine he promised himself never to return to.

*** A Human Fighter is Episode Four of a 5-part series. Each episode is roughly 10,000 words and ends on a cliffhanger, rather like an episode of your favorite TV show. ***

Download them individually, or check out the entire five-part series in the box set:
Episode 1- A Human Sacrifice
Episode 2- A Human Patient
Episode 3- A Human Lover
Episode 4- A Human Fighter
Episode 5- A Human Bride

SciFi Romance
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