Rory thought she would be dead by now, but strange twists of fate seem to prolong her existence. She floats in the blackness, injured and alone, the voices telling her she cannot possibly survive this time. She’s saved everyone else from a fate worse than death, will there be anyone to save her now?

FarSeer has become the killing machine he always fought against, convinced the only way to save them all is to take the lives that threaten them. But now that he’s Shifted – beyond all reason and control – he hears his human bride is missing…

Join Rory and FarSeer in the spellbinding conclusion of the Star Squad Brides series: A Human Bride.

*** A Human Bride is Episode Five of a 5-part series. Each episode is roughly 10,000 words and ends on a cliffhanger, rather like an episode of your favorite TV show, and this episode finishes the series. ***

Download them individually, or check out the entire five-part series in the box set:
Episode 1- A Human Sacrifice
Episode 2- A Human Patient
Episode 3- A Human Lover
Episode 4- A Human Fighter
Episode 5- A Human Bride

SciFi Romance
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