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Announcing the New Release of To Obey a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance! Hannah Stowe hesitated for only a moment before Dream Jumping into the mind of yet another psychotic criminal. What she sees there throws her into action and danger, once again. If that wasn’t...

Announcing the New Release of Starflight Graduates Part 1! *** Two years after graduating from the academy, Hannah Stowe's life is pretty damned good. Except for one thing. But even though her heart squeezes every time she thinks about the sexy Keltair male, Liam Fallow, she won't...

Announcing the New Release of Starflight Academy Part 5: To Love A Warrior! *** Starflight Academy… the tests are hard, but what’s a girl to do when her hot alien is even harder? Hannah Stowe probably should have accepted she was in over her head when she found...